Sell your home your way without the discount label!   Be listed on the MLS as a full service listing without the full service commission and be in complete control of how your home is presented.

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The Number 1 Problem Facing For Sale By Owners

EVERYONE KNOWS You Are Trying To Save Money

Your home will appear to be listed by one of these companies while you pocket the cash!

List With A Real Estate Agent For Less
Decide which plan is right for you and your family. All agents have agreed to secrecy and you can upgrade their services at any time (or terminate should you need to).
Once you’ve decided on a plan, the system will pair you with the best matched company that has agreed to advertise your listing like a full service listing but for a FSBO price! (Our no hassle guarantee means you can decline the agent for another one).

Within 48 hours the agent will contact you to make arrangements and get your home on the market. Depending on the level of service you opted for will determine the amount of work you will have to do on your part. Regardless of the service plan you chose, the agent and our team will work to make sure you get to do it your way and also the right way (legally speaking).  Note:  All agents that are part of our system are “Realtors” and abide by a code of a ethics.  In addition, they will use state approved legal contracts.

From the time you sign up the agents have 48 hours to reach out to you. From that time forward they have 2-5 business days to make sure your home is on the market. This time can vary with service plans (but never more than 5 days) and you can choose to make it longer.

The home is on the market and buyer’s agents and buyers will contact you how you specify but without the knowledge that you are really selling the home yourself (or on a limited service plan).  They will present offers under the impression that you have a full service agent at your side getting a full commission to defend you.  (And won’t immediately ask for a 3% discount)   Every offer will be passed through the agent so that it will still appear as if you have professional representation.  All the necessary contract forms, counter offers will be provided.

Close the home and pocket the cash.  You’ll be the only one wise to what happened.  You got to pocket the commission and the buyer will think that your agent just gave you a great deal.


Traditional Flat Fee W/ A Twist
  • Listed on Local MLS
  • Listed on
  • Listed on Trulia, Zillow, Oodle, Propbot, Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL (and others)
  • Listed on,,,, and all Broker websites
  • Maintain Control of Listing
  • NOT Listed as FSBO ANYWHERE (No one will know)
  • NOT Marketed to Investors (without your permission)
  • You Handle The Negotiations
  •  Show By Appointment W/ Owner
  • Email Support
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Discounted Full Service

All the bells and whistles, no haggling on commission
  • This is Full Service, “the whole 9” for less.
  • All of the other items in the plan are included
  • Agent Assisted Showings
  • Agent Assisted Contract Negotiations
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Fast Sale

An Offer For Your Home In 48 Hours
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J. Dominguez

They were professional, friendly, helpful, and were always available to answer questions. Amazing customer service! Advice to the first time By Owner Seller, don’t wait on using the MLS it reduces the time it will take to sell your home. The exposure was amazing. We sold our home in two weeks.


C. Rodgers

****** ****** went above and beyond what we expected. He always returned calls and answered all of questions. He helped make our move into a new area where we knew no one or nothing about the area – an easy transition. He negotiated a win/win deal and saved us $19,000! Thanks for all your help and hard work!


M. Sloan

******* *********  was very direct and honest up front.  He helped me price the home right then DID WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO.  We had activity almost immediately.  I was moving to another state to “start over” and now I can do that with as little stress as possible ******* got me 99.6% of my asking price in only 67 days. Thank you for over delivering on the promises you made!


H. Jeffries

As an investor I’m used to the flat fee services around Atlanta.  I would always deal with Agents who had a chip on their shoulder.  When I saw Secret FSBO I thought, Why Not? since it’s the same price as one of the local companies.  I was blown away.  When an agent is dealing with another agent, or so they think, it’s so much easier to negotiate and get what you want.  The agent I found was willing to list 5 other homes under the same deal.  I’m hooked!